New Membership Organisation For The Care Quality Sector To Launch

An innovative new membership organisation aimed at raising standards in the care quality sector launches this month.

The National Care Quality Professionals Association (NCQPA) is a membership organisation which will require prospective members to meet rigorous standards, reassuring care providers using their services that they are commissioning the right independent experts and care quality professionals.

“There’s a real need to raise national standards in the care quality consultancy sector,” says NCQPA chief executive Samuel Barrington. “Specifically, the experts who support those care providers to improve.

“Care providers need to be assured that when they engage a consultant that that person is the expert they say they are, and that they have the relevant background, qualifications, experience, relevant insurance, up-to-date DBS, and so on. But it’s difficult to check those things – unlike a profession such as nursing, care quality consultant is not a legally protected title, and literally anyone can call themselves one.

“There are so many professionals out there with vast experience and expertise. We want to recognise and help promote the credible ones to the right organisations who need their specialist support – it’s an extra layer of protection for the provider, and added credibility the consultant. We believe that the NCQPA registration and quality mark will fast become the industry standard mark of a professional and competent health and social care consultant.”

Mike Padgham, who is chair of the Independent Care Group (York and North Yorkshire) and a past chair of the United Kingdom Homecare Association, says: “I welcome the formation of this new association and hope it achieves its aim of driving up standards in social care consultancy. Everyone who engages a consultant, with the aim of improving the care they deliver to their clients, deserves to know they are doing so with the confidence that the service they receive will be at the standard and quality they are looking for.

“This will hopefully provide peace of mind for those engaging consultants and also support those consultants who are able to provide a good, professional service towards the improvement of social care delivery.”

Samantha Leonard, Director of Operations at Blue Ribbon Health and Wellbeing, says: “I’m delighted as a care provider to have signed up to support this great initiative. The NCQPA standards are very much in keeping with our organisational purpose and values. They also fit well with regulation requirements. Our external quality assurance audits are completed monthly by a care quality professional who is a registered member of the NCQPA.”

The NCQPA is currently inviting expressions of interest from potential members via its website, with membership rolling out from the association’s official launch on Monday 9 September.

For further information on the NCQPA, please visit: