New Guide Supports Registered Managers’ Wellbeing

Skills for Care has launched a wellbeing guide to support registered managers and care home managers to better manage their own professional and personal wellbeing.

The new guide; ‘Wellbeing for registered managers; a practical survival guide’; is

available to registered manager members of Skills for Care who all have busy and complex leadership roles. Many of these members are already on their wellbeing journey and part a growing community of

managers who improve the quality of care in adult social care.

The guide introduces registered managers to the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing – Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep learning and Give – based on evidence by the New Economics Foundation. The guide includes practical information, top tips, case studies, action plans and workbook exercises.

Skills for Care CEO, Sharon Allen, commented: “Registered managers quite rightly take pride in their ability to care for others; it’s what they’re good at, but they can often neglect their own wellbeing.

“This guide recognises that this high profile role is sometimes tough and challenging and that compromising personal health and wellbeing isn’t really an option.

“I would encourage managers to consider their own wellbeing journey first, so that they’re well equipped to look after themselves, their teams and those they support. I’m certain that I would have found this guide invaluable if it had been available when I was first in a management role in social care.”

The new wellbeing guide encourages registered managers opportunities to think about and assess their individual wellbeing. They can build their own wellbeing plan, piece-by-piece, based on the Five Ways and become more resilient, using a broad range of resources to help themselves.

Bill Mumford, Skills for Care Fellow and co-author of the guide added: “As care professionals, I feel we have a moral duty to ensure our own wellbeing is not neglected.  A happy registered manager tends to create a happy team, which in turn leads to good care.

“There’s a growing body of evidence that shows our ability to care for others is significantly reduced when we’re feeling out of sorts ourselves. This practical guide therefore promotes the importance of wellbeing for registered managers and is a really important tool for managing wellbeing on a daily basis.”

‘Wellbeing for registered managers: a practical survival guide’ is available exclusively to registered manager members of Skills for Care. It’s available free to renewing members in 2018/19 and for new members from the Skills for Care’s bookshop for only £20.

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