New Government Must Make Society Fairer For Disabled People

National disability charity, Sense, responds to General Election result

National disability charity, Sense, has responded to the General Election result, highlighting that whatever the makeup of the new government, policy makers must grasp the chance to reduce barriers to opportunity for disabled people, if it wishes to allow all people to realise their aspirations.

Richard Kramer, Deputy CEO of National Disability Charity, Sense, said:

“Although we have a hung parliament, there is a real opportunity for the new Government to make our society fairer, which is why it is vital that policy makers listen to the voices of disabled people and work towards levelling the playing field once and for all.

“Disabled campaigners raised a number of key issues throughout the general election campaign, including the current social care crisis and recent disability welfare changes, which the Government must urgently address if it truly wishes to support the aspirations of disabled people throughout our country.

“Disabled people deserve to live full and independent lives, yet recent concerns over social care funding have left many fearful that they will imminently lose the vital support they need to remain active members of the community. Cuts and changes to disability welfare benefits have seen many plunged into poverty and facing stressful reassessment processes; and disabled jobseekers still face a number of barriers to finding employment, despite the Government’s pledge to halve the disability employment gap by 2020.

“There is a great deal of work still to be done to ensure that all barriers to opportunity are dismantled and that disabled people receive the quality social care, fair welfare support and increased employment chances that provide the platform from which everyone can realise their aspirations.

We look forward to working with the Government, and politicians from across the political spectrum, to ensure that policy makers are truly committed to making life better for disabled people.”











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