New Agreement With Monitor To Deliver Better Patient Care

The Care Quality Commission and Monitor have agreed to strengthen information sharing for the benefit of patients and to more effectively deliver their role.

The formal agreement announced recently by the healthcare regulators, outlines how the organisations will strengthen how they work together or share information for the purpose of delivering safe, well-led and sustainable care for the public.

It includes principles agreed by both organisations. These include being more open and transparent, working together to achieve the greatest benefit to patients, avoiding duplication and the sharing of best practice.

The agreement covers legislative changes such as the introduction of new fundamental standards, and the new Duty of Candour and Fit and Proper Persons requirement regulations.

The updated agreement outlines when and how both regulators will work together. These include:

  • when NHS trusts are being assessed for foundation trust status and when independent providers are jointly registered and licenced to provide NHS service
  • during the ongoing monitoring of foundation trusts to ensure they continue to remain well-led and during the monitoring of independent providers of NHS services
  • when either organisation is taking enforcement action to resolve concerns about a foundation trust or independent provider of NHS services

David Behan, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission, said: “The agreement sets out how both organisations will strengthen how they work together and share information for the benefit of patients.

“We will continue to work with Monitor to make sure patients receive safe, compassionate and effective care across all health and care services.”

There will soon be more detailed guidance for inspection teams resulting in less duplication, greater assurance and management of threats to patient safety, and ultimately a more cost effective and mutually beneficial relationship.

A new protocol will also follow shortly that will include an analysis of the joint inspection of the Christie NHS Foundation Trust between CQC and Monitor. The inspection –  part of a commitment of both organisations to work more closely together –  will act as a benchmark of best practice, and help identify areas of learning for future joint working.

This updated agreement sits alongside other arrangements we have with healthcare bodies, including the NHS Trust Development  Authority, NHS England, Healthwatch and General Medical Council.


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