NCF Responds To The Secretary Of State For Health & Social Care

HSNCF responds to the detail of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care pronouncements at his first oral evidence session held on the 24th July to the Health and Social Care Select Committee.

In response to announcements made during the session, Vic Rayner, Executive Director of NCF says:

“The announcement that the Social Care Green Paper will cover all of adult social care is most welcome. The priority areas for the green paper around funding, workforce, new models and technology are relevant across the whole spectrum of adult care provision, and therefore this change is to be embraced. However, it comes very late in the day for a paper due to be launched in the Autumn, and it will be essential that government engages immediately with all parties in social care to ensure that the voices from people who use services at all stages of their adult life are at the heart of the final document.”

Vic also goes on to say;

“The Secretary of State laid out clearly his ambitions for the ‘interoperability’ of health and social care on the ground. The admonishment of previous top down restructures is welcome, however, existing integration vehicles such as STPs do not yet fully engage with social care provision in a way that will allow for his vision of ‘front line integration’. More attention must be given to this to fulfil the ambition of a technologically driven evolution to on the ground relationships.”

In relation to the key issue of ‘Sleep Ins’ Vic says:

“The Secretary of State must act quickly to implement the forward looking policy he referred to in relation to Sleep Ins. Action on this is critical, and he must ensure that any cross departmental resolutions have the full engagement of all parties involved in this vital issue.”

Finally Vic says:

“The regular acknowledgement by the Secretary of State of the importance of social care within his responses was reassuring. However, in both questions and answers relating to Brexit and other issues, it is clear that both the focus of the committee and the department remains firmly in the grips of a health agenda. We need the Secretary of State to take his inclusive approach to social care to the next level and ensure that resources of his department give adequate recognition to the life changing impact of social care.“







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