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Miniature Therapy Horse Brings Joy to Connaught Court Residents

Residents at Connaught Court, in Fulford, York were delighted when a little therapy horse came to visit. Residents were all smiles when Taz, a beautiful, dappled brown and black American miniature horse, arrived at the Home.

Katy Smith, owner of K & L Pony Therapy, led Taz all around the Home so that residents could pet and stroke him.

They even stopped off at some residents’ rooms so that they could be introduced.

The benefits of spending time with animals for older people are immense. Research has shown that having something to pet or touch can result in lower blood pressure, normal heart rate and reduced stress. Pets provide emotional stability during stressful situations, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.

The visit also proved to be wonderful for residents at Connaught Court who have dementia as it helped to spark conversation and reminiscence.

Stephanie Taylor, one of the Home’s Activities Coordinators, said:
Taz was so patient and placid, standing still for everyone to pet and stroke him. Our residents loved meeting him and hearing all about him from Katy. It was a lovely morning which certainly lifted everyone’s spirits!