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The National Care Awareness Survey Returns!

In November 2021, the National Care Awareness Survey was launched by the UK Care Week team, with input from hundreds of care professionals across the UK. After an overwhelming response, the findings of this survey were put to the care sector to address the issues. The 2021 survey identified recruitment, retention, funding, recognition, and wellbeing as the biggest challenges facing the care industry.

Fast forward to 2022 and social care remains under intense pressure. Many of the challenges identified in the 2021 survey are still prevalent across the UK. Moreover, new challenges including the cost-of-living crisis, new policies and regulations have further shaken up the industry, highlighting the importance of a platform for care professionals to speak up and represent their industry.

Now an annual report, the National Care Awareness Survey highlights the pressures and concerns in the social care industry, year on year, by providing care professionals a platform to raise their voices, raise the profile of social care and drive positive change. In collaboration with Care Campaign for the Vulnerable, National Care Forum, National Care Association, The Care Workers’ Charity, Institute of Health and Social Care Management and Sona, the UK Care Week team is delighted to introduce the National Care Awareness Survey 2022.

If you’re part of the social care industry and wish to have your say, follow the link below to take part in the survey.














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