“Long-Overdue” Pay Award Offered for NHS Nursing Staff in Scotland

Nursing staff working in the NHS in Scotland have been offered a 5% pay increase for 2022-23.

The offer by the Scottish government follows inconclusive negotiations between the RCN and other health trade unions and Scottish government and NHS employers. It applies to the vast majority of staff working in the NHS on Agenda for Change terms and conditions. Staff on Agenda for Change band 1 and point 1 of band 2 would receive slightly higher increases.

The RCN has been campaigning for Fair Pay For Nursing and an above-inflation pay increase that recognises their safety-critical role and makes up for years of pay restraint.

Julie Lamberth, Chair, RCN Scotland Board, said:
“This offer falls far short of our expectations of a fair pay award. Our members demonstrated their worth many times over during the pandemic. They have put their own health and wellbeing on the line day after day, month after month. They continue to do so as we move into remobilisation and recovery.

“We will consider the detail of the offer and how to consult members on whether it is acceptable to them. Ultimately, it will be our members who have the final say on whether or not this pay offer makes the grade.”








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