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Local Petting Zoo Visits Waterside Court Residents

Waterside Court care home, in Wallingford, was full of animal mischief on Thursday 13th October when the Smelly Wellies Care Farm in Woodcote came to visit the home. Residents at Waterside Court were pleasantly surprised to see animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits roaming around their lounge as a troop of small animals paid a visit.

General Manager Maraya Rabuka said:
“Our residents have really enjoyed their unusual visitors today. We knew that having the mobile zoo here would be a bit of fun for all our residents, especially as some find it difficult to go on many outings in our minibus. We are always looking for new activities for the residents and today we have seen the seen the enjoyment and the therapeutic influence animals can have on people.”

Residents loved sharing memories of their own pets and having conversations with the Smelly Wellies staff that care for the animals. After feeding snacks of grass and vegetables most guinea pigs fell asleep in their little doughnut nests as we stroked and cuddled them. Rene, and Nell commented “Today was very enjoyable and it was wonderful to hold the animals, listening to them squeak and snuffle.”








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