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“Just Try and Be Active” Says Resident at Poynton Based Home Who Celebrates 100th Birthday

A resident at a Poynton based care home says the secret to a long life is staying active.

Theo Eaves is a resident at MHA Woodlands and celebrated his 100th birthday with a party surrounded by close family and friends.

He has been living at the home for three years and volunteered as a preacher before moving in as a resident.
In his younger days Theo was a preacher at the Poynton Methodist Church and used to be a part of the Stockport Ukulele Band.

Alongside his children Rosemary and Colin, members of the Stockport Ukulele Band, the Poynton Methodist Church and the RAF were invited, with family members in Australia joining in with the celebrations via Zoom.

A special birthday cake was produced in house for Theo and a telegram from the King was among the cards.

Speaking after his party Theo said: “It was a very happy occasion and to be honest, It doesn’t really feel very different; I had forgotten all about it when I woke up until the staff told me ‘you’re 100’!

“For me there is no secret to a long life, you must just try and be active and see what happens.

“My family came to visit, and we had a service on the screen. We had music from Stockport Ukulele Players who I used to play with.

“It was good to see Marc and Luke from the RAF. I went to Normandy with Marc some time ago.

“Some of my cousins from Australia were on the screen, who I hadn’t seen since my 97th birthday.”