Jayne Connery Goes To New Heights With Support From Care Protect

Care Protect is supporting high profile dementia awareness campaigner, Jayne Connery, to undertake a nerve wracking wing walk in aid of BRACE, the Alzheimer’s research charity.

Jayne is campaigning to highlight the issues which surround care homes and has called for CCTV to be installed in every care home after her own Mum’s experiences. Her petition has so far attracted more than 12,500 signatures.

The wing walk will take place on April 28th at Aerosuperbatics ltd, Gloucestershire. Jayne will be secured to a 1940s, 450 horsepower Boeing Stearman biplane.

Philip Scott, CEO of Care Protect, said: “Jayne has done a great job highlighting the negative issues which surround the care sector. These issues need to be aired and debated. Raising money to support research into dementia is also vitally important and we were pleased to make a financial contribution to enable this adventure to take place.”

Jayne Connery said: “I would like to thank Care Protect and Philip Scott for the incredible support to enable me to wing-walk for BRACE. It’s vitally important that we not only raise money for the brilliant charities which surround dementia but also to keep highlighting issues within the care sector. I hope that soon enough no one else will have to go through what mum and I have along with the thousands of other people who support this campaign.”

To find out more and to pledge your support, visit Jayne’s crowdfunding campaign page at


Care Protect combines the use of the latest camera and secure cloud technology with monitoring undertaken by its team of highly experienced independent experts. With the prior consent of residents and relatives/next of kin or consent following a best interest’s assessment, the system helps to safeguard and protect adults and children in health and social care settings.  


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