Hunters Down Make An Important Video

Hunters Down Care Home in Huntingdon are well known for their creativeness in making video’s. Residents and staff all enjoy taking part and were very excited in the newest video called “Wash Your Hands.”

Hunters Down advises

As lockdown eases and restrictions are slowly being lifted, we would like to remind everyone to continue playing their part to stop the spread of the virus. It is more crucial than ever to follow the rules and have a good hand hygiene. What better way to relay this message than creating a music video?


Words of the song

Wear your mask when out with others

And wash your hands

Stay 2 meters away

Now wash your hands

Wipe all surfaces when you can

Be sensible with your gran

Abide by the travel ban

And wash your hands

Getting the flu shot will help

And wash your hands

Have your vaccine times two

Now sanitiser does work

But this virus still may lurk

How it loves to live in dirt

Now wash your hands

You can go out now and shop

But wash your hands

Eat and socialise outside

But wash your hands

We all miss our friends and family

Wish we could hug them all daily

For now, let’s be careful

And wash our hands


Residents love to take part in the video’s and when they see Kristine, Lifestyle Coordinator they quite often say, “are you going to video us singing and dancing.”

Jayne Hunters Down, Home Manager came up with the lyrics and you can now quite often hear this song being sung throughout Hunters Down. Hunters Down are hoping that this song catches on and it will be sung far and wide.

As the saying goes practice makes perfect and the residents love to repeat the songs and the actions. They all have such a wonderful time which you can tell by the laughter that drifts around the corridors, saying they feel like movie stars.