Health And Care Sector ‘Urgently’ Needs To Retain EU Nationals, Says Cavendish Coalition

NadraAhmedIn response to the NMC Register data report, Nadra Ahmed OBE, co-convenor of the Cavendish Coalition, a group of health and social care organisations that influence and lobby on post-EU referendum matters, said:

“We’re pleased that this useful report shows how there are now 8,000 more nurses, midwives and nursing associates registered with the NMC than there were a year ago, which begins to address the current shortfall.

“However, it is remains vital that the Government gets its new immigration policy right if we are to keep health and social care services open.

“The health and social care sector urgently needs to retain the EU nationals working in our services now and newly announced efforts to recruit tens of thousands of nurses from overseas over the next five years highlights the importance of ensuring that future immigration policy makes it possible for health and care services to attract and retain the staff needed.

“We need to ensure the development of the future immigration system is responsive and agile, with as little red tape as possible, and that it considers the essential value of health and social care staff to British society rather than setting entry requirements simply on the basis of salary.

“We look forward to engaging with the Government over the coming months to ensure the final proposals in the immigration white paper meet the requirements of the health and social care sector.”