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Greensleeves Care Receptionist Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Jeanette Jelleyman celebrated 20 years of service at Glebelands, a Greensleeves Care home in Wokingham which has been a huge part of her personal life.

Jeanette joined Glebelands at age 21 working in the kitchen, and met her husband, Eddie, who was the maintenance manager at the time. Jeanette got ready for her wedding at the home and walked down the stairs with residents watching and applauding. After the ceremony, they returned to the home for the wedding reception, where residents joined in with the partying.

Jeanette and her husband lived in a cottage on the Glebelands estate, and when she left in 1995 to have her children, they grew up in and around the home, becoming very much part of the Glebelands family. Her two oldest children also started their working lives at Glebelands.

Being a historical local building, there have been a number of famous and influential people gracing the halls of the care home. Her Late Majesty the Queen visited in 1994, with Jeanette there to greet her.

In 2002 Jeanette officially re-joined Glebelands and has worked in a variety of roles since then. She now enjoys her position as receptionist, where she greets all staff and visitors with a welcoming smile and familiar face.

Activities co-ordinator, Ellie Scrutton, said of Jeanette:
“We are extremely grateful to have Jeanette working with us and we continue to rely on her as we all try to keep the history of Glebelands alive.”

“Jeanette’s life and work experience is an inspiration to us all and we hope to have Jeanette with us for many years to come.”