Fundraising Song For Care Workers Charity

Ingrid Clift and Kathryn Rachel Harris have launched a song in recognition of the dedication and hard work of “frontline hero’s” in the care sector

Ingrid and Kathryn were inspired to write and compose the song ‘We Are Here’ by the response from society towards carers – the frontline heroes of the day – during the COVID- 19 lockdown, and supporting The Care Workers Charity, and they’re asking people to make donations via the JustGiving page that has been set up.

Ingrid said “We’ve chosen to support The Care Workers’ Charity with our song ‘We Are Here’ because of the great work they do in representing and advocating on behalf of care workers”.

The Care Workers’ Charity supports carers and former carers who are facing financial hardship whilst actively promoting the huge contribution that the UK’s care workers make to our society.

Kathryn and Ingrid met when they worked together at The Orpheus Centre in Godstone, Surrey. They became good friends, care work united them. Having both moved on from the Orpheus Centre they’ve remained long distance friends.

“I asked Kathryn during lockdown if she could write a melody for the lyrics I had written to the song. The inspiration for the lyrics came from a place of pure pride in the care sector as we worked through the lockdown,” Ingrid explained.

“The carers I worked with and community NHS staff just stepped up selflessly on a daily basis. Care comes first, no matter what, our duty of care is to those who depend on us, to those who are waiting for us, to those who trust us – We Are Here!

Kathryn is a talented musician with a music composition degree. She is also a comprehensive carer and now works as an Occupational Therapy Support Worker at the Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Hospital in Caerphilly. She also uses her musical talent in her career as a professional carer but that is just one of the many skills she has as a carer.

And this, Ingrid concluded, is exactly what care is all about, “Carers are multifaceted people, using their training, experience, amazing individual talents and positive can-do attitudes to help and support other people to live independently.

“The care sector has literally changed my life, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Today, I’m so glad that I was bold and brave and chose a career in the care. I’m a kinder, happier and better person because of it.”

“It is an honour to be a carer, it can be a challenging job at times but it’s the most rewarding and fulfilling career. No day is ever the same and you literally change lives every day. We are so proud to be carers and so proud to know and work alongside carers who inspire us daily.”



















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