Rachael Byrne

Expert To Address Challenges Around Integration Of Health, Social Care And Housing

Home Group's Rachael ByrneExpert Rachael Byrne of Stonham, the care and support division of Home Group is speaking at the annual national Supported Housing Conference (Friday 20th November in London).

As Head of the UK’s largest care and support provider, Rachael Byrne is an expert in social housing, specifically around care and support services, and will address the challenges and solutions around the integration of health, social care and housing needs.

Rachael will put forward the case for making significant savings through greater integration between health, social care and housing against a backdrop of dramatic changes in both the housing and health care sectors.

Rachael said: “Supported housing is one of the most dynamic and responsive sectors we have to meeting the needs of vulnerable people. We are adept at rising to both the challenges and opportunities the external environment brings, we wouldn’t have stayed the course like we have otherwise. We need to utilise all that experience now to bring health and care together, we need to act as the glue in the middle, so the clients we care and house can be sure of a future that brings them a place to live with the support when they need it”

Stonham worked with more than 30,000 vulnerable people in over 500 services across 200 local authorities providing high quality social care through working in partnership with councils, NHS trusts and other partners.

Rachael added: “Delivering care in people’s homes could deliver £3.4bn in productivity savings, importantly it makes a difference in people’s lives, improving health and quality of life through widening choices and furthering independence.

“As social landlords we are well placed to help people be active in their community, improve their own health and save the NHS and other partners’ money.”

























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