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Excelcare’s Heart ‘n’ Soul Festival Honours Leaders of Soul and Inspires Celebration

Mayoress, Lyndsey Calvert opens the Tiki Bar at Goldenley Care Home.

The tiki bar was a project the team and residents from Goldenley Care Home all got involved with. The idea started during a meeting with residents, where one person suggested they makeover an area of the garden that wasn’t frequently used and turn it into a tiki bar. Everyone agreed it was a great idea, and so the tiki bar project began!

The first step was to find a tiki-style bar they could install in the garden. Iris’ daughter, Karen, was glad to get involved and found a tiki Bar for sale in Kent. It was perfect, and so Karen said she would be happy to collect it and bring it back to Goldenley.

When it arrived at Goldenley, the team and residents were very excited. Everyone agreed it was lovely, but did need a new coat of paint, so Lifestyle Coordinator Faith, alongside a few ladies living at the

home sanded down the bar to remove the old paint, before painting the bar and varnishing the rest. The bar was then decorated over the course of a couple of days to give it the finishing touches.

Phyllis, who lives at Goldenley, then told Faith about her granddaughter’s artistic skills and said she could paint a tiki-style mural on the walls. Faith said this would really help to transform the space and said it would be wonderful if Helen could do this.

Before long, Helen was in the garden to mark up the wall with sketches she had done at home. These sketches included a sunset, a beach scene, palm trees, and toucans.
Helen then added some colour with help from others and once finished, it was a colourful scene that would certainly catch the eye of anyone in the garden.

The new garden space looked like a tropical haven, and Faith set about organising the grand opening so friends, family and members of the community could see what they had created. Faith also invited the children from Appleton School and of course, the Mayoress Lyndsey Calvert to cut the ribbon.

It was an exciting day when the tiki bar opened, and everyone was surprised to see how much they had accomplished in a short space of time. After a tour of the home, the Mayoress then cut the ribbon and declared the tiki bar open, just in time for summer!

“I would like to thank everyone who offered their time and dedication to this project, it looks amazing, and it will be lovely to see the many happy hours for the residents to enjoy” – Faith Jones, Lifestyle Coordinator.