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Encore “Going The Extra Mile” With Staff Welfare

AFTER going the extra mile for elderly residents, Encore Care Homes are keen to look after the welfare of its own carers and support staff across its four homes in the south. To make daily life easier during the current challenging times, they have introduced many new benefits and additional supportive measures.

These have included delivery of over 400 free food parcels to every team member, improved access to mental wellbeing support and a 10% bonus payment for the next three months. In recent weeks, Rachel Dryden CEO of Encore has also made national headlines by successfully championing better local access to coronavirus testing for the team and residents.

Encore Care Homes have also led the way in the procurement and provision of PPE equipment. Sharing their advice and experience with government departments and colleagues in the care sector.

Rachel Dryden, Chief Executive of Encore said: “We have never had a greater sense of pride of working in the social care sector and the privilege of looking after our residents. As an organisation we are fully committed to ensuring that every team member is fully supported and we provide access to emotional, financial, mental and wellbeing support.

We are so appreciative of everything they are doing, all the care and support teams across all our care homes will be receiving a 10% bonus payment for the next three months as an additional thank you.”

Rachel Dryden added: “We are beyond proud of our incredible team that range from carers, housekeeping to catering. They have been doing a fantastic job and we really do appreciate their dedication to our residents in these difficult times. We have been supporting them as much as we possibly can through many new initiatives to make life easier.”