Egg-Citement At Cheshire Care Home As Residents Raise Newborn Chicks

With Easter on the horizon, residents and staff at The Elms, in Crewe, were egg-static to have the opportunity to take ten newborn chicks under their wings and rear them in their first week of life.

Ten eggs were delivered to the Croftwood Care-run home as part of the ‘Living Eggs’ initiative, which gives care homes and schools the chance to see chicks hatching from their eggs, handle them and look after them.

Soon after the eggs arrived, residents watched as the fluffy chicks hatched, and fed, nurtured and cared for them in their early days. The Living Eggs programme provided everything the home needed to look after the baby chicks, such as incubators, heat lamps, bedding and feed. After ten days under the care of residents and staff, the chicks will be rehomed at a nearby free range farm.

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) activities have been shown to improve care home residents’ health and wellbeing. The animals offer companionship and comfort, and bring out residents’ nurturing instincts.

Nicola Brennan, Home Manager at The Elms, commented: “When we heard about the initiative, we jumped at the chance to take part. Animal visits are very therapeutic for our residents, and bring a great deal of happiness and laughter into the home. Our residents love animals, and really enjoyed having the opportunity to watch the eggs hatch, handle the newly born chicks and watch them grow. It has been a wonderful experience.”














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