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Edwina Currie Supports New Northern Retirement Village Concept

Former government minister Edwina Currie gave her support to the expansion of a North West care home into a deluxe new style retirement village.

Liverpool’s Stapely Jewish Care Home is creating a new concept for the senior living community with North West England’s first fully-fledged retirement village based on US, Australian and continental models.

This was an emotional visit for Liverpool born and bred Ms Currie, whose her mother was a long-term supporter of Stapely Care during her lifetime.

Ms Currie toured the Stapely site and the phase-one conversion of Fernlea House, a grand Edwardian villa, once home of the Crawford’s biscuit family, into 17 apartment suites for sale or rent to people aged 55 years plus.

The creation of this new style retirement village met with her highly enthusiastic approval, and she pledged her future support as she was guided around the construction site by Philip Ettinger, Stapely Care Trustee.

Ms Currie recalls: “My late mother was a longstanding supporter of Stapely Care, and regularly visited friends and relatives there, so seeing Stapely Care still thriving and growing means a lot to me.”

She says: “Stapely Retirement Village development is so important because as an economist and a pensioner, I worry too few people think about getting older; where to live, arranging finances, having help at hand when needed.

“We already have more citizens over 85 than youngsters under 16, but it’s taking too long for planners and families to catch up.

“Governments have turned a blind eye for too long to the ageing of our population, a large proportion of whom live alone.

“Yet our older people are a vast source of knowledge and experience. Stapely Retirement Village will help to fill that gap and why I am very keen to give it my support to help make it happen.”

Philip Ettinger, Stapely Care Trustee, says: “Stapely Care is so grateful to have Edwina Currie’s support. Her great interest in what we are doing is extremely gratifying, as was her wonderful way when meeting our residents.

“Edwina’s energy, ideas and commitment to our future was very greatly appreciated on what was an informal initial visit. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with her.”














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