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MHA Cromwell House Takes Residents On Steam Train As Part Of Seize The Day Initiative

Residents at a Norwich home were treated to a day out on a steam train as part of their Seize the Day initiative.

Staff at MHA Cromwell House accompanied residents to Sheringham Steam Train Station.

The trip included a train journey from Weybourne to Holt as well as a general tour of the station.

For some residents it was a trip down memory lane as catching a steam train would have been a regular occurrence in their youth.

The initiative encourages residents to re-experience activities or events from the past or to do something they would like to do for the first time.

Angie Apurado, activity coordinator said: “What was meant to initially be a father day treat became open to all residents.

“In total there were 10 people including staff and volunteers, we had a lovely time.

“A lot of the residents wanted to stay as they were having so much fun, but we had to go back as the taxi was waiting.

“You could see the residents really enjoying themselves and I do think it was a great activity.

“They enjoyed the train journey and were very engaged during the journey and observing their surroundings.

“A lot of our residents are of that age where steam trains were a common mode of transfer for them.

“It helps them to remember their youth and it’s great when they share their experiences.

“Seeing how successful this trip was, organising something like this again is definitely going to happen and I can’t wait to bring more residents next time.”


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