Dr Hilary Jones Joins Repose To Support World Arthritis Day

Dr-Hillary-JonesPopular television personality Dr Hilary Jones has teamed up with a specialist seating manufacturer to throw his weight behind National Arthritis Week and offer invaluable tips to sufferers of the condition.

Together with Repose Furniture, Dr Hilary is sharing the best exercise routines for arthritis management and urging sufferers of the condition to adapt their homes to improve their way of living.

The TV Doctor is advising sufferers partake in regular, gentle exercise, which can help improve hip alignment and correct poor posture, which can help strengthen the spine and alleviate stiffness and pain; maintaining mobility.

Exercises recommended by Dr Hilary include gently circling shoulders in a forward and backward motion to alleviate pain. Gentle floor exercises can also help strengthen hip muscles, in turn reducing pressure felt on painful knee joints.

On advising sufferers to become more active Dr Hilary Jones said, “Strong links between increased physical activity and the management of various age degenerative conditions exists and it is often a misconception amongst arthritis sufferers that they should rest their joints to help limit further damage. Correct exercises, which are gentle in nature and undertaken on a regular basis, are vital for maintaining the mobility of joints and keeping the muscles surrounding them strong,

“However, while exercise is both a preventative and reactionary method to managing arthritis, sufferers of the condition should also make adaptations to their home environment to ensure they can function as normally as possible.” 

Specialist seating manufacturer, Repose Furniture, which appointed Dr Hilary Jones as its healthcare advisor earlier this year, has recently added four new specialist solutions to its range of bespoke seating, suitable for arthritis sufferers. The chairs are specially designed to help sufferers of arthritis experience greater comfort when seated. They provide the option of different supportive back styles and pressure management seat cushions, coupled with the ability to select seat angle and leg elevation options  enabling the user to benefit from a range of pressure relief solutions.

Dr Hilary Jones added, “One of the biggest hurdles arthritis sufferers face is loss of mobility, yet sufferers often overlook some of the adaptations which can be made to their home environment, which in turn would make their lives easier. Individual chairs which cater to specific needs are vital when providing comfort and functionality to arthritis sufferers. Various healthcare conditions, including arthritis, require specific characteristics from seating solutions. Repose takes a number of measurements from all of their customers, which ensure their furniture delivers correct functionality and comfort in equal measure”.

















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