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Crafty Care Home Residents Do their Bit for Dorset Youth Group

Creative residents at a Dorset care home ran their own craft stall at a church bazaar, raising funds to help young people.

Seven ladies who live at Colten Care’s Brook View in West Moors spent weeks preparing for the event at the village’s St Mary’s Church.
They knitted, felted and crocheted an array of seasonal gifts such as sock snowmen and penguins.

On the day, Brook View resident Pamela Clark and young helper Meadow, the daughter of Companionship Team member Rebecca Grimsey, ran the stall and chatted to the public.

Pamela said: “We explained to people that we were raising money for our chosen charity The West Moors Youth Group. It was lovely to integrate with the public while raising money for a local cause that we knew had suffered during the pandemic, as so many did.”

Jo Vardy, another Companionship Team member, said: “Many visitors at the bazaar commented on how Christmassy, colourful and beautiful the stall looked.

“The most popular item, the first to sell out, were our woollen robins, but all the gifts were lovingly made by the residents, albeit with a little help from the team.

“On our return home we set up a table in reception and displayed our remaining items which were snapped up before the display was even finished.

“Nurses Anneka McQuirk and Sarah Ingram purchased the last of our snowmen and penguins along with other items.

“Sarah laughed when we explained she now owned a ‘waddle’, the collective name for a group of penguins on dry land. A great day was had by all.”

While total funds raised remain to be counted, residents were pleased with their immediate tally of £70 on the day.

Vicar Andy Muckle said: “We thank all the residents at Brook View who participated in this year’s bazaar.”