Council Vows Action To Raise Care Standards

DEMENTIA-PATIENTAction to raise standards in the private care market is set to be taken by Norfolk County Council.

The Council’s cabinet is set to approve an action plan to ensure people receive a high quality of care.

Councillor Bill Borrett, cabinet member for adult social care, public health and prevention, said: “This action plan is important, the private and voluntary sector provide most of the care residents of Norfolk receive, and it is crucial that standards are maintained and that these businesses are sustainable.

“The Council continues to monitor the situation and is proposing a series of practical measures to support the care market.”

The Council spends £328m per year on care for 17,000 adults. According to the Care Quality Commission, 85 out of 465 providers require improvement (18 per cent) and 15 were rated as inadequate (three per cent).

Issues include high staff turnover (up to 50 per cent in nursing care) and loss of 173 care home beds, 12 care home providers and vie home care providers over the last year.

The Council’s strategy includes:

  • A proactive inspection programme
  • Work to tackle recruitment and retention issues in the care market, supported by a joint bid with Suffolk for £8 million of European funding
  • Establishing a care association for Norfolk and staging a quality summit with the regulator, the Care Quality Commission
  • Increasing the supply of extra care housing – independent accommodation, with social care support on site – through the council’s Homes for Norfolk programme

Last year, the Council approved above-inflation fee rises for care providers, to support their viability.

The same meeting will also consider a five-year strategy, to ensure the needs of people with autism are met. It was developed in conjunction with the Norfolk Autism Partnership Group.

Councillor Bill Borrett, cabinet member for adult social care, public health and prevention, said: “There are more than 7,000 adults with autism in Norfolk and this is predicted to rise.

“By raising awareness and understanding, we want to help autistic people have the same opportunities as everyone else, to live a fulfilling and rewarding life and achieve their life’s ambition.”













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