Committed Carer Entertains the Residents of Winifred Dell During his Day Off

Paul is a new member of the caring team at Winifred Dell Care Home in Brentwood. He spends his days supporting the people who live there with daily tasks and delivering dignified, person-centred care.

Being a wonderful Carer isn’t Paul’s only talent though, as he is also a very good singer. This is a talent that he has used to brighten people’s days on many occasions. Everyone who lives at the home loves live musical performances, especially when they’re performed by people they know. Having a person who can deliver quality care and entertaining performances has been wonderful for residents, as they don’t have to wait for entertainers to be available for a visit, they can just call Paul!

Paul recently went above and beyond to put a smile on the faces of the people who live at Winifred Dell, when he came in during his day off to host an entertainment session. For the first hour, he sang popular songs from the past, before handing the microphone to people living in the home, so they could have a go at singing some of their favourite songs. It was all in the name of good fun and everyone enjoyed taking part.

Paul has shown and continues to show an amazing commitment to the people he cares for and their wellbeing which has been wonderful for his colleagues to see.







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