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Claridge Place Launch Resident-Run Shop

At their weekly resident’s meeting, the team and residents at Claridge Place got together to discuss what they would like to see within their home. It was during this meeting that Senior General Manager, James Morris, came up with the idea to introduce a shop, based within the home, which would sell all the essentials: toiletries, snacks, sweets, and a variety of drinks.

The shop officially opened on the 23rd of February and is already a huge hit with residents and visitors too. Joan, a much-loved resident at Claridge Place is delighted to be the shop manager during the shop’s opening hours from 11am-12pm every day.

Joan’s new role has been very well received and she looks forward to running the shop, which will help to create a real sense of belonging. The shop is great for all residents to be able to maintain their own independence.

The shop will contribute to a welcoming and stimulating environment, offering residents the opportunity to feel included. Sanders Senior Living strives to support residents in finding their place within the home, encouraging them to find something they love doing that also provides them with a sense of value, belonging and purpose, which in turn, positively impacts on their wellbeing and happiness.

Now, the team is waiting for their old-fashioned till to arrive and some new shop signage too, which will contribute to a lovely reminiscence activity.

James Morris, Claridge Place’s Senior General Manager is thrilled about the shop and its success so far and is looking forward to continuing to find new ways to enhance the lives of residents. James commented:

“I am delighted that our very own shop has turned out so well. The residents express their wishes in our resident meetings, and it is one of my top priorities to ensure that residents can feel like their suggestions are always taken into serious consideration. I am so glad that Joan loves running the shop, which is a great occupational activity. I look forward to discussing additional ways that we can meet the wishes of our residents and to continue ensuring the home feels inclusive and welcoming to everyone.”