Runwood Homes Roundup Brilliant Activities for February’s Dignity Theme; ‘Runwood Roots’

For February, Runwood Homes Dignity Theme of the Month ‘Runwood Roots’, aimed to explore the importance of family, family history, and recognised how everyone who works and lives in the home becomes like family. The goal for the month was to find additional ways that those working in the home can strengthen relationships and boost feelings of comfort and belonging.

There have been some excellent initiatives, activities and bonding events across the Runwood Homes Group to bring this theme to life. Teams were encouraged to explore residents’ heritage, background, culture and family history and find ways that teams can further develop meaningful relationships, comfort and belonging to our residents. The dignity link, titled ‘We are all Family’, all in all celebrates residents’ lives, where they came from, what made them who they are, which is especially important to understanding and connecting to the person as a whole.

Madelayne Court, in Chelmsford, Essex, made time to engage in friendly, meaningful conversations with one another, building upon their strong bonds. Orchard Blythe, in Warwickshire coloured the flags of countries they have visited or lived in the past. Heron Court residents, in Brentwood, Essex reminisced over lovely memories about the most important moments of their lives.

At Humfrey Lodge in Thaxted, Essex, residents made their own brilliant family trees, and afterwards enjoyed presenting them, which helped everyone get to know each other and their families that little bit more.

The team at Ashwood created a beautiful board in the home featuring each staff member’s photo along with a short backstory. The board is a lovely reflection of the home and its values, and how they have all become like family, with close relationships and connections.

Paul Gaskell, Director of Wellbeing & Dementia Services, is always finding additional ways for homes to introduce meaningful activities and initiatives, and to further develop relationships formed within the home and with the wider community. Paul comments:

“We have already seen such a positive response from the Dignity Campaign this year, with January’s Armchair Travel theme and February’s Runwood Roots. These monthly themes promote more than just ideas for activities; they encourage our wonderful teams and residents to really feel at one within the home, and inspire profound connections.”    

Well done to every home that has brought Runwood Homes’ dignity theme to life this month. The Group look forward to launching March’s theme, which revolves around the concept of ‘Environment – We are all Responsible’.













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