Caring Home Helps Claire To Achieve Her Goals

A 29 year old Cerebral Palsy sufferer is achieving her goal of studying for an NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care with the help of two carers at the Czajka Care Group’s Staveley Birk Leas Nursing Home, which is based in Shipley.

Claire Thomas has lived at Staveley Birk Leas for six years. She is wheelchair bound and a quadriplegic as a result of the Cerebral Palsy, which affects her movement and causes spasms.

Claire says: “I decided that I wanted to start an NVQ in Health and Social Care because I have always wanted to be a youth worker. The terrible thing about Cerebal Palsy is that it affects the body, but my mind is fully active – I just need help putting the pen to paper!”

Claire started the NVQ five months ago. Her carers Cath Yeardley and Hannah Ryan spend 14 hours a week helping her to research and write up her coursework. She is expected to complete the course within the next two years.

Cath says: “Claire is an incredibly determined and bright lady and it’s a pleasure to be able to help her achieve this goal. All of the ideas are her own, we just help her by writing up notes and typing out her coursework. We sometimes use our very own training centre to do the work in as it’s a quiet and ideal space.”

In addition to the NVQ, Claire is also heavily involved in many aspects of life at Staveley Birk Leas. She is a regular interviewer of new staff and also helps on reception.

Claire says: “I previously attended Portland College where I completed a three year course in Independence. The NVQ is the next step in my learning journey and I simply couldn’t do it without Cath and Hannah’s help. I would like to encourage other people who have conditions like mine to never give up on their dreams and not to listen to people when they tell you that your goals are too unrealistic.”

Czajka Care Group’s Staveley Birk Leas Nursing Home provides care for for up to 60 people, aged 18 years upwards, who have physical disabilities and are unable to look after themselves in their own homes.

Czajka Care Group Managing Director; Konrad Czajka, says: “We always pride ourselves on putting the wants and needs of our residents first, and our support of Claire as she embarks upon the NVQ, is just one example of how our team delivers this. Claire is such a clever lady who not only works hard, but wants to contribute to our home environment. That is why we have encouraged her to help in the interviewing process and also be involved on reception as she gets a lot of enjoyment from playing an active role at Staveley Birk Leas, and we also benefit hugely from her viewpoint.”



















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