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Care Village Commemorates Covid-19

Residents of the state-of-the-art Belong care village in Newcastle-under-Lyme have reflected on the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and created a record of their experiences for future generations by burying time capsules to mark the episode in history.

Placed inside the capsules were testing kits, PPE, magazine and newspaper clippings and photographs from throughout the period, as well as Belong literature communicating advice and guidance. Also included were letters written by residents, relatives and management and support teams sharing their personal struggles and advice for people who may face similar adversity in the future.

These were sealed and buried in the residents’ garden of the care village, with instructions for them to be opened in 100 years’ time.

Commenting on the initiative, Christine Yarwood, apartment tenant at Belong Newcastle-under-Lyme, who wrote one of the letters that were included in the time capsules, said: “I thought it was important to share with people in the future the hard work and sacrifices of so many people that went into keeping everyone safe, as well as how we coped with situations.”

The inspiration for the time capsules came from the National Day of Reflection day in March, when people at Belong joined with others all over the country in reflecting on those who have lost their lives to Covid-19, as well as the individual hardships faced by many others as a result of the pandemic.