Care Home Welcomes 10 New, Fluffy ‘Residents’ For Easter

Easter brought a clutch of happy memories for the residents of a Christchurch care home, in the shape of 10, fluffy chicks.

Colten Care’s Avon Reach in Mudeford took part in the national Living Eggs project, in which care homes receive eggs in an incubator and watch them hatch into tiny chicks in time for Easter.

The programme prompts memories of days gone by when almost every family had chickens in their gardens.

Amongst those reminiscing about her own family’s chickens was Avon Reach resident Doreen Priddle.

Doreen, 85, recalled: “My family had a poultry farm in Bere Regis when I was growing up and we would regularly receive hundreds of small chicks that we would keep until they were bigger and then sell on.

“I remember sorting them by their sizes into different enclosures, so it’s wonderful to see and actually touch these beautiful chicks again.

“They have charmed absolutely everyone and it’s has been really joyful to come into reception each day and see that another one has popped out of its shell.”

Colten Companion Jo Egan, said: “The chicks have proved a huge attraction and we’ve all become very attached to them, residents and staff alike.

“They have also prompted lots of themed activities and it has been fascinating to hear the residents’ stories of when nearly all households kept chickens and swapped eggs with their neighbours for other foods like vegetables.”

She added: “It will be sad to see them go when it’s time for them to leave, but we know they are going to a free range farm, so they will be very happy.”







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