Carolyn Bravery Award 2018 Burscough 3

Care Home Nurse Awarded Bravery Award

Carolyn-Bravery-Award-2018-Burscough-3-Carolyn Silcock, a Care Home Nurse, has been awarded a Bravery Award by Liverpool Ladders of Life ADHD Support Group.

It was an ordinary day as Carolyn walked home from the local shops, but what happened next was no ordinary moment.  As she walked underneath the bridge she looked up and saw a young man hanging over the side, Carolyn noticed he had blood on his face.  Carolyn’s first thoughts were how to get to this man and help him. She immediately flagged a car down and asked them to ring the police. Then she ran up the side of a hill, climbed a nine foot fence and walked onto the bridge to meet him.

Carolyn constantly reassured the young man that she was there to help him and they could talk. She also took hold of his coat to prevent him harming himself any more.

The young man turned out to be a 19 year old youth and had been on the phone to his mum telling her he was going to end his life. Carolyn then spoke to mum to reassure her she was with her son and would not leave him by himself.

They talked for 1 and a half hours and by talking, Carolyn was able to get the young man to the right side of the bridge.

During this time she was able calm him down emotionally and give him reassurance that there was support out there for him.

Carolyn then went even further with her sacrificial caring, she promised to take him to weekly support groups.