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Care Home Launches New Specialist Club To Support Residents With Dementia

Grantham care home is helping residents to ‘forget me not’ as it launches a new club to support people suffering with advanced stages of dementia.

Red Court Care Community, in St Edmunds Court, Grantham, provides residential and nursing care for 53 residents while specialising in dementia care.
The team has launched specialist club Forget Me Not, a group specifically designed to provide adapted and specialist activities such as balloon tennis, soft games, talking workshops and tea parties for those with advanced dementia.

Manager Gabriela Bucek said it meant that there was now a number of additional weekly resources to help dementia residents who struggle to fully interact with mainstream activities.

She said: “At Red Court Care Home we have always been committed to providing the very best care tailored to every resident’s specific need.

“All of our activities are accessible and available for every resident to enjoy. However, we wanted to create a group which went one step further and offered specialist activities for our residents suffering with advanced stages of dementia. This meant offering adapted activities for individuals who struggle to relax and interact as well as more time to learn and understand how to engage with these specific activities.
“Forget Me Not has been really well received and it has been amazing to see the residents’ faces light up as they try out some of the new activities.”

Activity coordinator Andrea ? has carried out additional training courses to set up the group including ???

She said: “We recently held a balloon tennis session and we found residents were struggling to understand what to do to start or even remember to lift their hand to play.
“By the end of the session two residents were able to hit the balloon to one another. It may seem a simple thing, but it was such an achievement, and it was fantastic to see their faces light up as they began to play.”











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