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Care Home Bids Fond Farewell To Ducklings As They Fly The Nest

A Surrey care home has waved goodbye to three of its latest residents who have flown the nest having enjoyed a brief spell of specialist respite care.

Whilst Signature at Reigate Grange residents are typically more mature in age and outlook, the care home welcomed a trio of ducklings who spent their first 10 days living there.

Reigate Grange residents and team members paid close attention to Jeremy, Mimsey and Piglet from their early days as eggs in their incubator, before they each slowly hatched in the care home’s activities room.

During their stay at the care home, the trio received plenty of care and support from residents feeding them growers pellets. The ducklings were even able to enjoy their first swim under the auspices of the Reigate Grange community.

The care home’s residents and team members were entrusted with the responsibility by Incredible Eggs, an ethical provider of high-welfare hatching kits throughout England and Scotland. It encourages communities to take part in hatching to help educate society on animal welfare, safeguarding biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

With Jeremy, Mimsey and Piglet now heading off to a farm in Kent, Reigate Grange is ready to welcome its next set of ducklings to enjoy respite care.

Brian Rowbotham a resident at Signature at Reigate Grange, said: “We really enjoyed having the ducklings with us, and watching them hatch and grow so quickly was very special.

“They looked very pretty, none of the three were ugly ducklings! It was a lovely activity and responsibility for us all to share, and we look forward to welcoming more ducklings into our community.”

Florence Kirkland, Client Liaison Manager at Signature at Reigate Grange, said: “We spent hours watching Jeremy, Mimsey and Piglet slowly hatch out of their eggs, and quickly grow into the thriving, noisy, swimming ducklings we had at our home.

“Our Residents have had a great time watching them grow and enjoyed many cuddles and even got to see them enjoy their first swim.

“A big thank you to Incredible Eggs for allowing us the responsibility of looking after our ducklings and we hope that Jeremy, Mimsey and Piglet enjoy life back on the farm with their friends.”











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