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Resident Flies to South Africa at 99!

Anne Fitzmaurice, a resident at Cotswold Home, Burford, since February 2021 has moved to South Africa to be with her son and family.

At the age of 99, Fitz, as she likes to be known, was undaunted by the journey overseas to a new life on her son’s farm near Tweespruit, in the Free State.

Born in Lowestoft and having lived in Bledington for many years, Fitz was very much a part of the Cotswold Home and particularly fond of animals, visiting the home’s resident pet guinea pig every morning. Despite enjoying living at the home, Fitz’s family were so far away, so she decided to move to be with them.

The staff at Cotswold Home played a large part in facilitating Fitz’s trip, arranging the tickets and the assistance needed enroute, with Unit Manager Caroline Lockwood accompanying her on the whole journey.

“I have been lucky to get to know Fitz during her time at the home and we planned the trip together,” explains Caroline. “I took time out of my annual leave to accompanying her on the whole journey, from Burford to Tweespruit.”

Fitz and Caroline flew from London Heathrow to Johannesburg with British Airways who provided a fully escorted service. The flight crew were delighted to host Fitz, making the trip a very special one not only for her as a passenger but for the crew as she was the oldest person to date to have flown with the airline on a long-haul flight.

From Johannesburg, Caroline and Fitz travelled by road to her son’s farm where she is now happily settled, although missing her friends and fellow residents back home.

Cotswold Home is one of nine care homes across England operated by Elizabeth Finn Homes, a wholly owned subsidiary of the charity Turn2us. Originally founded by Elizabeth Finn, a pioneering 72 year old English woman, who set up the Distressed Gentlefolks’ Aid Association in 1897.