Care Group Backs Call for Greater Dignity as People Get Older

A social care providers’ group has called on the country to give people the dignity they deserve as they get older.

To coincide with Dignity Action Day on Thursday (1 February) the Independent Care Group says society isn’t doing enough to provide dignity.

The Group’s Chair Mike Padgham said: “As a country, we are failing our oldest and most vulnerable people by not giving them the care, independence and above all, dignity, they deserve.

“Instead of creating a country where people can look forward to getting older, knowing there will be the support they need to keep on enjoying a good quality of life, we have instead social care in crisis, with care homes closing and homecare agencies no longer able to viably deliver contracts.

“This is an issue that goes beyond politics, it is a society issue and we all need to speak up and say ‘we aren’t doing enough to look after older people’.”

The group is calling on politicians from all sides to work together towards a solution to the funding crisis in social care. It says the Government Green Paper, not due until the summer, needs to be brought forward.

“As we mark Dignity Action Day, it is appropriate that we all think about the future of care and how we will look after older and vulnerable people in the years to come,” Mr Padgham added.

“This will be all of us some day and in supporting Dignity Action Day, we want to create a society where everyone has the care and independence they deserve.”

The Independent Care Group is calling for better funding for social care to address the 1.2m people who are currently living without the care they need. A £2.5bn shortfall in social care is feared by next year and the Independent Care Group warns that care homes are closing and homecare providers are unable to deliver contracts because they are no longer viable.