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Care Crisis Deepens As Funding Hopes Are Dashed

Worried providers say social care has again been deprived of the funding lifeline it needs despite more shock evidence of r the crisis in social care.

Care providers are angry that a predicted £20bn boost for NHS funding has not been accompanied by more funding for social care.

This despite new figures from local authority social care directors revealing growing closure of care homes and homecare providers, impacting upon thousands of people.

The Independent Care Group says it welcomes more cash for the NHS but warns that unless it is matched by better funding for social care, the crisis in the care of older and vulnerable adults is going to get worse.

The Group’s Chair, Mike Padgham said: “Obviously the extra funding for the NHS, if it is confirmed, is very welcome, but the Secretary of State has been very clear that at the moment it isn’t being matched by more money for social care and we are left, once again, waiting for this Green Paper.

“Figures from ADASS show a deepening of the crisis in social care provision but yet once again, no action is being taken to help the sector.

“An extra £5bn a year for the NHS sounds very positive, but when you think that it is currently costing the NHS £3bn a year to keep older people in hospital beds because there is no social care provision for them, you can see that the maths simply doesn’t add up any more and we have to address the funding shortfall in social care.

“Some 1.2m people are currently living without the care they need. That is a disgrace and it is only going to get worse.”

ADASS (the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) has revealed the results of a recent survey which showed that councils in England are continuing to see care homes and homecare providers closing.

From 152 councils, 34 had seen one homecare provider close, 12 had seen two operators close, one had seen three and one four. In total, 65 homecare providers had closed. Some 44 councils had had homecare contracts handed back to them by homecare providers.

Meanwhile 58 councils reported closures of residential or nursing homes in the last six months. One authority had seen 10 closures. A total of 135 care home providers were reported to have closed or ceased trading.

A separate report by the Richmond Group – a coalition of health and social care charities, has revealed that spending on adult social care in England fell by 8 per cent in real terms between 2009-10 and 2016-17.






















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