Care Campaign For The Vulnerable Thanks Supporters And Pledges To Keep Fighting

XmasJayne Connery, the high-profile advocate for the use of CCTV in care homes, is reaching out to thank everyone who has supported the initiative over the last twelve months.

During 2018 Jayne expanded the project to offer an advocacy service for families and carers who have been affected by inadequate care for their loved ones. This service will help to provide guidance and support to those who need it, as well as the volunteer advocates being available to speak up on the behalf of the families.

Inspirational dementia champion Terry Eccott and actress Aimi Macdonald became Ambassadors for Care Campaign For the Vulnerable and Jayne worked closely with Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve who lent his support to the initiative, which was widely reported in the media, with the Express in particular taking up the baton.

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable was founded six years ago by Jayne Connery. It now has more than 55,000 supporters on social media, with many sharing their own experiences of family members’ inadequate care.

Jayne said: “It has been another incredible year at Care Campaign For The Vulnerable – championing CCTV Safety Monitoring in care homes. We have been working hard with our supporters and ambassadors, promoting the benefits of transparency for residents and staff.

“Not only is it vital for the safety and protection of our most vulnerable to adopt camera technology – we see it as making great business sense for care providers. Personally, I was thrilled to receive many more invitations from CEOs to visit their care and nursing homes and publicly showing support to Care Campaign for the Vulnerable.

“We will continue in 2019 to help support families and carers as well as taking our passion to care shows, exhibitions and work hard to promote what we see as the change the whole of the sector needs.

“We want to thank the families and care staff who made contact over the past year telling us of their experiences in care and how CCTV safety monitoring in communal areas would have benefited them.

“A very happy and peaceful Christmas to everyone and I pray for a time when the campaign is no longer relevant and the most vulnerable people in our society are safe and protected.  Until then Care Campaign For The Vulnerable will continue its fight.”

Particular thanks to loyal care industry supporters – sponsors for 2018, Care Protect, Manj Uppal, Sanctuary Care, Karin Flower Celeb FC, Sandy Briscoe, CarersBUCKs, Rachel Kenyon and Tammy Hulley, Adventure With Dementia, Paul Adams, Shaun Keep, Say SO, Sally Blackden, Dementia Trainer, Ben Wilson Care Protect, Terry Eccott Care Campaign Ambassador and prolific Dementia Champion, Giles Sheldrick of Daily Express newspapers for supporting and highlighting our cameras in care initiative – to name just a few. Truly inspirational individuals who work hard to help make a positive difference.














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