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Cabrini Residents Go Camping

There was much excitement at Cabrini House in Orpington, when the residents found out that they would have the opportunity to spend the night camping in the garden. The residents, who all have learning disabilities, helped the team to put up five tents and prepare the food and snacks for the night outside.

Claire Morlham, Manager at Cabrini House, said, “All our Cabrini residents joined in preparing for the camping adventure in some way, whether it was spectating, pumping air beds up, banging in tent pegs, securing guide ropes, or spending the night in the tents.

“The highlights of the evening included lots of laughter, toasting marshmallows over an open fire, and getting a takeaway from the local fish and chip shop.

“The whole event had been highly anticipated, and the residents were so excited when the weather forecast was for dry weather, and we could finally camp out. Although we should have known not to trust the forecast as at 4.30am we were treated to a very heavy downpour. But nothing dampened our spirits, and it was lovely to see the residents so excited and animated and they all asked if they could camp out all week.”

When the residents were asked about their adventure, Paul said, “Fish and chips taste better when you are outside camping. Can we do it again next year?” and Natalie said, “I enjoyed sitting with my friends in the garden.”











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