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Brampton Care Home Named In Honour Of Late Local Legend Sid Bailey

• Influential local councillor and MBE has a luxury care home named in his memory
• Danforth Care Homes open a new facility whilst recognising the history of Brampton

Danforth Care Group are opening a brand new care home in Brampton near Rotherham.The state of the art facility boasts en-suite rooms with wet rooms and mini fridges, a cinema and an on-site chef. The opening will also create 60 purposeful jobs for the area.

In 2023, the village of Brampton is thriving, but with the naming of this new care home, Danforth pay tribute to the hardships faced by the area in recent history, and in particular one of the locals who helped to rebuild and protect the local community: Sid Bailey.

Sid Bailey’s Life
It’s been 39 years since the closing of the Cortonwood pit mine in Brampton, where the village was at the forefront of the prolific mining strikes. Sid Bailey was one of the miners working at the pit from the age of 16, and when it closed, he saw his local community completely dismantled.

It was at this point that Sid chose to throw himself into helping his community. Brampton remembers him for all the work he did for various governing bodies, working as a trustee of the Miner Welfare Club a school governor and even a local councillor for Brampton Parish Council, to name just a few.

Sid also devoted a lot of his time to charitable work, volunteering for charities such as Ellis and Brampton Trust, and working as commissioner for St John’s Ambulance. For the latter, he received the Order of St John in 1996. He was also awarded an MBE in 1997 for his services to the community.

His daughter, Adele Riles says “He had a very full life and certainly packed a lot in. It’s like he lived three lives in one”.

Sid Bailey Care Home
The new Danforth care home in Brampton sits on the site of the old fire station, where Sid gave 25 years of voluntary service. Sid’s passion for supporting the best possible quality of life is mirrored in Danforth’s approach to care, which is why it was extremely important for the group to have the opportunity to continue his legacy by naming the brand-new residency in his honour.

Home Manager Sue Ravenhall says “Once we heard Sid’s story, deciding what the care home here in Brampton should be called made for an easy decision. Danforth’s core values include personalised care 24-hours a day, where every resident’s life is meaningful and fulfilled. Sid shared these values and lived them throughout his life, and it’s an honour to work in a home named in his memory.”

Just as Sid took care of so many people, Danforth hopes to continue his legacy and look after the community in this South Yorkshire former mining village.

Asked what Sid would think about having the care facility named in his memory, his daughter Adele said “He would have blushed initially as he was a very humble and modest man. But I think he would have been quietly proud.”.