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Brampton Bear Champions Newmarket Community Heroes

Brampton Manor Care Home, Newmarket, have introduced their latest team member. community champion called Brampton Bear.

Brampton Bear is spearheading this new initiative which sees him visiting local groups in the Newmarket area, to promote all the amazing people that dedicate their lives to supporting the most vulnerable in society.

As Brampton Bear goes on his journey to celebrate the good and the great in Newmarket, his adventures will be shared on Brampton Manor Care Home’s social media pages so the local community can keep up to date with what is happening in the local area.

Brampton Bear drew inspiration from another famous bear to summarise his excitement to meet the community saying: “Things are always happening to me. I’m that sort of bear”.

Early feedback on the initiative has been positive, with Brampton Bear being photographed with local nursery children and the local fire service.

Admissions Manager, James Chandler celebrated the initiative: “I am looking forward to seeing the places Brampton Bear will visit and the people he will meet over the next few months. Newmarket is full of incredible volunteers, community groups and services that make a difference to people every day and we are proud to be able to promote their great work with our furry friend, Brampton Bear.”

Residents at Brampton Manor Care Home love getting involved with local groups and want to help and assist groups in any way they can. Sheila, one of the Brampton Manor resident’s was one of the first people to meet Brampton Bear and said: “I remember we were playing Curling one afternoon and in came this cuddly bear with a Brampton Manor ribbon tied nicely around its neck. I thought it was nice and I was happy to have my photo taken with him”.

Prior to the pandemic care home’s across the UK were more often than not, more than just care homes, they were community centres providing spaces for local groups to use. In 2023 the team at Brampton Manor are keen to welcome in the wider community back to the home.

Zoe Kirk, Home Manager at Brampton Manor said: “We would love to be able to support the wider community by hosting community groups at our home. Here at Brampton Manor, we are lucky to have such a beautiful home with spacious, warm lounges and a bistro offering refreshments throughout the day. If you run a support group and you need somewhere to hold your meetings then do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we want to help”.