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Sherrell House Residents’ Dreams Come True!

The people living at Sherrell House had their dreams come true last week as the team organised an ice-skating experience they would never forget.

During a conversation with residents the week before, the team asked the group if there were any activities they really wanted to do. One lady mentioned swimming, which is something many people have done before and, on this occasion, the team wanted to do something people had always dreamed of doing.

One resident then mentioned ice skating as she had never been before but really wanted to give it a go. Many people in the room agreed and said they had enjoyed watching figure skaters glide across the ice on television before, so the team decided to try and make this wish come true.

After searching the local area, the team found Sapphire Ice and Leisure Centre and saw they hosted inclusive sessions with trained team members on hand to support people who are less able to skate on their own. The team were delighted and spoke with the team to book in a session for the residents of Sherrell House.

As they stepped into the rink, residents said it was like ‘a taste of fresh air’ stepping into the colder atmosphere. As they adjusted to the temperature, they took a seat in the viewing area and watched some of the experienced team members skate around the rink. It was mesmerising watching the way they effortlessly glided around the ice, but the group agreed it would be harder than it looked.

Eager to give it a go for themselves, the team from the leisure centre assisted residents to make their way to the ice. As many of the people who attended have limited mobility, the team said they could stay in the wheelchairs and be escorted around the ice!

People were delighted they could glide around the ice from the comfort of their wheelchairs and had a wonderful time whilst feeling the breeze of the fresh air. Whilst on the rink, residents enjoyed watching people skate around them, with one person saying “it was a magical feeling”.

Betty, who originally suggested the idea, said, “I think it was fabulous, what a marvellous day” whilst Marlene stated “I must say, I was nervous at the beginning, but what a great laugh this had been – definitely a break much needed from the ordinary routine; I would love to come back here with you all”.








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