Bluebird Care Launches Online Campaign to Stamp Out Ageism

One of the UK’s leading homecare providers, Bluebird Care has today (Monday) launched an online campaign aimed at tackling ageism.  Stamp Out Ageism uses social media to highlight incidents of ageism, and draw attention to discrimination against people of all ages in the UK.

Using a combination of Twitter, postcards and email, people across the country will be able to share their experiences of age discrimination, raising awareness of how common ageism is.  By cataloguing people’s experiences of ageism – however major or minor – Bluebird Care will help to show that ageism is a serious problem in this country, and help to stamp it out.

Britain has one of the worst records in Europe on age discrimination, with nearly 40% of people questioned claiming to have been given a lack of respect because of their age.

Stamp Out Ageism will help people to highlight the discrimination they face on a daily basis, bringing the attention of a wider audience to the very serious problems of ageism. 

Bluebird Care is encouraging everyone who has experienced ageism to send in their stories and share their experiences to show that this is a widespread problem that needs to be stopped.   People will be able to share their experiences by tweeting @StampOutAgeism, emailing or by filling out a postcard and sending it to Bluebird Care, which the team will then share online.

Bluebird Care will use its network of almost 200 offices across the country to help local people share their everyday experiences of ageism by encouraging them to get online, and providing postcards where they can highlight age discrimination.

Commenting, Bluebird Care Chief Operating Officer, Simon Dalziel said:

“Ageism is completely unacceptable, but it’s something that people across the country are experiencing every day.

“By highlighting the discrimination people of all ages in this country are facing, we are going to help to put a stop to it, showing that it is not acceptable to discriminate against anybody because of their age.

“Bluebird Care is encouraging everybody across the country to help us Stamp Out Ageism for good.”








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