Bield’s Braehead Gardens Holds Orchard Open Day

A very sheltered housing development in Buckhaven has raised £145 after inviting the community to enjoy their beautiful orchard.

The orchard, at Bield’s Braehead Gardens, was recently freshened up after tenant Frank Morrison introduced a beautiful water feature and new seating to liven it up and make it more accessible.

Building planters and adding colour with a vast range of summer plants Frank hopes to encourage more people than ever to pay a visit to the outdoor area.

Guests were invited along to the garden to enjoy a delicious BBQ feast including burgers, sausages and the classic summer dessert – strawberries and cream.

Rae England, Development Manager at Braehead Gardens said: “Everyone that came along to the open day had a wonderful time thanks to all the hard work Frank has put into the Orchard and of course, him manning the BBQ and also thanks to all others who helped make it a success on the day.

“It has been great to see the area get some TLC and become an even better place to enjoy the tranquil outdoors on the days the Scottish weather permits.

“We also managed to raise £145 which will go towards the Tenants Social Fund – helping us put on activities for our Tenants and adds a wee bit of extra fun which is fantastic.”

The open day played a host to a Tombola Table to entertain Tenants, Family and Friends which contributed to the total raised for the Social Fund.

The day had a great turnout as family and friends came to join in the fun and get a sneak peek at the makeover.

Frank said: “Hopefully next year with the help of another budget we can add more raised troughs to the Gardens and encourage some of the Braehead Tenants to take on their own raised troughs and give them a fresh air interest.”

Frank’s contribution to the orchard is a great example of Bield’s ‘Free to Be’ ethos which encourages tenants to live their life as they choose as much as possible.