Baby Chicks And Ducklings Delight Care Home Residents As They Hatch In Time For Spring

A group of care home residents recently welcomed some very special guests, following the egg-citing arrival of baby chicks and ducklings, which hatched in their homes.

The residents, who all live in care homes operated by CHD Living, had recently been surprised with egg hatching kits by staff hoping to spread joy ahead of spring.

Provided by Incredible Eggs, the ethically sourced, high-welfare hatching kits were installed throughout CHD Living’s care offerings last week, much to the delight of residents who got into the spirit of things straight away, making predictions on when they would hatch.

Within a couple of days, the chicks and ducklings had started to arrive and were settling into their new homes. Since then, residents have been enjoying interacting with their fluffy friends, lavishing them with cuddles, teaching them to swim and making sure they have plenty to eat and drink. Some residents even got involved with naming the animals, heart-warmingly calling them after residents who have passed away this year.

Discussing the initiative, Shaleeza Hasham, Head of Hospitality and Communications at CHD Living, said: “Research heavily suggests that animals can boost general health and well-being, especially as we age. Not only do they bring tremendous amounts of joy, but animals also open up channels for conversation whilst providing sensory stimulation and relaxation too.

“We’re hoping to incorporate more animal therapy into our offerings and working with Incredible Eggs on this project has been a fantastic place to start. Our residents and carers have loved every aspect, from the anticipation of waiting for the eggs to hatch to the excitement of welcoming the chicks and ducklings into the world. They’ve made everyone light up with joy. It’s been beautiful to see, especially after the tough year we’ve all had”.

Resident Shelagh Howes, 91, from CHD Living’s Surbiton Care Home home said: “The ducklings are very sweet and so soft – they make me smile a lot. It’s been lovely having them stay with us and they’ve definitely spread a lot of happiness and excitement for spring”.

The chicks and ducklings will now become permanent residents at the homes with the appropriate facilities for taking long-term care of them. Where no suitable home is available, they will be returned to Incredible Eggs, where they will enjoy a first-rate quality of life in high-welfare facilities.

Discussing their regular work with care homes, a spokesperson for Incredible Eggs, said: “Incredible Eggs have had the pleasure of working with many hundreds of care homes over the last 10 years. It’s always incredibly moving for us to hear what a joyous, life-enriching experience the hatching kits bring to residents. This is especially so this year, after what has been such a difficult and upsetting time for care home residents, families and staff. Watching chicks or ducklings actually hatch from an egg, then caring for them as they grow is completely immersive, magical and uplifting for all involved – and this is true whether you are 4 or 104!”

























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