Avery Achieves 100% In 5 Stars In Food Standards.

With over fifty care and senior living locations throughout the country, Avery Healthcare has probably achieved a sector first for a larger care provider by attaining a 5-star rating from the EHO for food standards in all of its locations.

Environmental Health Officers (EHO) are responsible for carrying out measures for protecting public health, including administering and enforcing legislation related to environmental health and providing support to minimize health and safety. Based purely on unannounced visits, a five star award from the Environmental Health is the highest level achievable.

Avery has invested greatly in recent years with high quality commercial kitchens and recruiting well-qualified professional staff that they have continued to support and train further. Lead by Group Culinary Manager for Avery, Simon Lawrence, a first-class hygiene and food safety culture has been developed alongside the quest for higher quality dining for the care sector.

Avery chefs have also individually won awards for their expertise and dining development for the sector over the last few years, and are enthusiastic to be at the forefront of such progress and to lead their teams by example.

Simon Lawrence was fulsome in his praise for his team of head chefs, “It is of paramount importance when working with vulnerable residents that a consistently high level of food hygiene and food safety is always maintained. This can only be delivered through great leadership and teamwork from the head chefs, and a department well managed. They’ve all done a great job to achieve this”.







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