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Assistant Manager Who “Stumbled Across” Bottisham Home Celebrates 30-Year Work Anniversary

An assistant manager who went down the wrong street in search of a nursery for her young child has celebrated 30 years working in the same place.

Andrea Carrier says she “stumbled across” MHA Queens Court after looking for a nursery for her young child at the time.

She started off working as a carer and says she has worked in every role from being a member of the laundry team to working in the kitchen.

To celebrate her achievement, she was presented with some flowers and a long service certificate by home manager Yvonne Dawson.

Speaking after her presentation she added: “ I found myself on the wrong street after looking for a nursery for my child and when I walked into the home I was asked if I fancied a job, and I went for it.

“I only live five minutes away from the home so it was ideal. “I had no intention of staying as long as I have, and I feel like part of the furniture now.

“I never left because of the way the home, the staff and residents are, and I really enjoy working here.

“I am only one of two assistant managers left with the organisation as the newer assistant managers are called deputy managers.

“I was totally surprised when I received the flowers and the certificate and initially thought it was for someone else.

“It’s a great atmosphere here at MHA Queens Court and it doesn’t even feel like a job, it’s like my second home.

“No day is the same and of course there are some bad days, but the good ones outweigh them.

“Honestly I love my job and hope to retire from here once I am ready for it.”