Ask For The Lion

BritishLionEggsThere’s cracking news for care homes! Runny eggs can go back on the menu for care home residents, with advice from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) stating that British Lion eggs can be safely eaten runny, or even raw, by vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, young children and elderly people.

Why British Lion eggs

  • All Lion hens and eggs guaranteed British
  • Hens vaccinated against Salmonella
  • Complete traceability of hens, eggs and feed
  • Increased hygiene controls and Salmonella testing of all flocks and their environment
  • Regular egg testing
  • Stringent feed controls
  • Cool chain starting on the farm
  • Eggs stamped on farm with the farm code and production method
  • Best-before date and Lion logo printed on the shell as well as on the egg box
  • Independently audited to ISO 17065 standard

What do caterers need to do?

  • Ask for the Lion when you speak to your supplier for eggs served runny to vulnerable groups
  • Check the eggs when they arrive – if you’ve ordered Lion eggs, the British Lion should be on the outer case and the egg itself
  • Tell staff why you use British Lion eggs and share this with residents and visitors
  • Add the British Lion mark to menus so residents and visitors can clearly identify that the eggs are safe to eat runny for those in vulnerable groups

To find out more about British Lion eggs visit or for egg-based menu inspiration.