Ageing Population ‘One Of Top Three Challenges Facing The UK’

The country’s ageing population is seen to be one of the top three challenges facing UK society over the next 20 years, falling just behind healthcare and immigration¹. Meanwhile, four fifths (79%) of adults think the ageing population will present a large challenge for the UK. That’s according to a new YouGov poll commissioned by Independent Age, the older people’s charity. Other key findings include:

• A third of all adults are concerned about someone aged over 65.

• Among this group, physical health (63%), mobility levels (48%) and loneliness and isolation (46%) are the greatest concerns that people have about their friends and relatives aged over 65.

• If a person lives alone, the greatest concern of their friends and relatives is that they will feel lonely and isolated (66%).

The poll questioned 2,421 UK adults to explore the support needs among over 65s in the UK, and the role of charities and voluntary sector organisations in supporting older people.  The survey was commissioned as part of 2030 Vision, a national consultation run by Independent Age about how to make the UK the best country to grow older in.

The survey also revealed that over a third (37%) of over 65s are concerned about their current overall health. Over a quarter (28%) of over 65s are concerned about their current financial situation. Almost a fifth (18%) of over 65s are concerned about the amount of social contact they have with others – rising to 26% among those aged over 85.

Janet Morrison, Chief Executive, Independent Age, said:

“It’s important that people have recognised the country’s ageing population as one of the most important issues facing our society and acknowledge it is one that will only continue to grow over the next two decades. These findings suggest that as a nation there is a need to form a coherent approach to ageing and older age to ensure it is not experienced with fear, but positivity and optimism.”