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A “Right Royal Celebration” Across The Care Sector

I am almost speechless!

Over the past couple of weeks we here at THE CARER invited care homes around the country to share with us their celebrations for the coronation of King Charles III.

We invited you to send in photographs and tell us of your plans, activities, menus, dishes, costumes, and once again we were delightfully overwhelmed.

So much so that we couldn’t fit them all into one supplement. Not only would it have been too big, we simply didn’t have the time, since we are still getting multiple contributions every hour!

Over the past two weeks in Carer Digital we have published our celebratory Coronation supplement – (Part 1, Part 2) howing how far the care sector went to celebrate this monumentous occasion.

One only has to look at the contributions we received to see that while the coronation of King Charles III held national significance, its impact especially extended to the country’s adult social care sector, particularly care homes. It brought to the forefront the deep-rooted sense of tradition and love for the monarchy within care homes, as well as the long-standing interaction and support from the royal family towards care residents.

We are delighted and humbled to show the country that within care homes across the UK, there exists a profound reverence for tradition and an enduring love for the monarchy. Many residents have lived through significant royal events and milestones, fostering a deep connection with the institution. The coronation of King Charles III was met with immense enthusiasm, as it symbolized the continuation of a time-honoured heritage, and the submissions we received tell a wonderful story of how care home residents eagerly followed and took part in the preparations and festivities, cherishing the moment as a testament to the enduring strength and unity of the nation.

And it’s not all one way, the monarchy’s interaction and support for the adult social care sector have been invaluable over the years. Members of the royal family have frequently visited care homes, engaging with residents in meaningful conversations and offering a comforting presence. These interactions bring immeasurable joy to care home residents, brightening their days and fostering a sense of community. The royal family’s involvement in charitable initiatives related to social care further showcases their commitment to improving the lives of those in need. Their unwavering dedication has created a lasting bond between the monarchy and the care home community.

For care home residents, the coronation of King Charles III held tremendous significance. It symbolized continuity, stability, and the preservation of cherished traditions. The event reinforced their sense of belonging and brought them closer to the heart of the nation. The care home community eagerly anticipated this momentous occasion, rejoicing in the rich tapestry of history and the monarchy’s ongoing support.

And to sum up, the coronation of King Charles III stood as a beacon of tradition and unity, resonating with the UK’s adult social care sector in particular. Care homes and their residents’ deep-rooted love for the monarchy were celebrated, while the longstanding support and interaction from the royal family shone brightly. The coronation exemplified the monarchy’s enduring commitment to fostering a sense of community and well-being among care home residents, and we are delighted not only to be part of this unique celebration but we are even more delighted to be able to share it so widely.

A big thank you to you all, and do watch out for next week’s supplement, we just didn’t have the time to fit them all this week!

Peter Adams, Editor, The Carer











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