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A Nottinghamshire Care Home Embraces the Positive Effects of Pet Therapy

A local care home is hosting pet therapy sessions for their residents in a bid to make the home even more of a community and is one of several activities to benefit those experiencing dementia.

Residents from Red Oaks Care Community in Mansfield have been bonding with Marlo, a nine-year-old Lhasa Apso. Marlo and his owner, Mrs Bennett, have been providing pet therapy to care homes and nurseries for just over a year. He often sits on the residents’ laps and snuggles up in bed with those who are unable to move easily.

Pet therapy can improve residents’ mental health, increase socialisation and provide comfort. It can also have an astonishing impact on residents’ physical health as pet therapy is proven to reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

John Adams, General Manager at Red Oaks Care Community, said: “Our residents have really bonded with Marlo and pet therapy is one of their favourite activities. Many of our residents are animal lovers and have had pets their whole lives so they are completely at ease with Marlo. It’s fantastic that the physical benefits of pet therapy are just as powerful as the psychological benefits, which are evident amongst our residents.”